Here at LegacyChiro we want you to know what it’s all about, and that means experiencing it; the same passion, energy and love that we thrive on, and share it with the World!
Just like a Pelaton grows stronger the more riders are in the pack, so too do tribes flourish and grow success and radiate vibrance. The energy fields of the body have been studied extensively at Harvard (Institute for the Study of Placebos), Stanford, and widely utilized by Master Mind groups, and Entrepreneurial leaders of the World. It’s not secret that you are the average of the five people you hang around the most. So unite, under one cause, and continue to build each other up, utilize the dynamics of the Pelaton to our advantage.
It’s vital to our existence.

“He who knows, and does not do, does not know”

We’re a new frontier of health, that recognizes that within all things exists an intelligence, a perfection, and a power which allows for life expression, beauty and abundance beyond limitation; far greater than anything anyone has ever allowed you to believe.  This expression grows exponentially stronger the more we are aware, the more we recognize, visualize and unify together with it.

How you can get involved:

As a Student…

Start approaching your studies with a new profound optical lens. It’s like RETINA Display, but better. Relate everything you read, study, draw, create and eat with an appreciation, understanding and acknowledgement that this Universe, however it has become manifested, is magnificent.
When you read in your Biology class that all you need to do to develop and grow life, is to plant a seed and water it. Rethink the magnificence and glory of that! Really! How does something come, out of nothing!
It truly is fascinating.
You can also put down your electronic devices, mobile devices, iPods and video games just for an extra hour a day, and get outside. Breathe, think, play and engage. Express yourself!

As an Athlete…

Your body has it’s intelligent magnificent capacity to heal itself. With absolute fundamental understanding that with nature, plants and proper nutrition the body has the materials it needs to make your flesh out of the environment around it. That’s beyond fascinating.
When you train, have abundant limitless beliefs in your mindset. Don’t let an exercise physiologist or an exercise science book dictate your capabilities. Any PhD with advanced degrees will tell you we haven’t even scratched the surface of understanding the body, and we haven’t even approximated it’s ability and potential when combined with the environment around us. Remember that even if you eat right, your autonomic nervouse system, which controls and regulates your entire body’s energy flow must be properly functioning, otherwise you don’t heal fast enough, you can’t assimilate bionutrients appropriately, and your mind doesn’t function as creatively as you need it to to achieve daily personal records.

As a Businessman…

Your mind and your personal expression are your best assets. To keep yourself energzied and focused, you need to keep your mind and body as optimally functioning as possible. This means keeping your body clear of toxins and pollutants. Read the athlete section applies just as well. Your absolute visionary mindset is your strongest asset. If you’re lacking energy, how can you perform your best. People buy into your why, and you. Be strong, be focused and be clear. You’re the leader, and you must lead by example.

As a Doctor…

This Life’s intelligence and expression is recognized by Doctors, Philosophers, Artists, Theorists, Visionaries, Scientists and Universities like Harvard, Stanford, Oxford through epigenetics, intent-awareness, the mind-placebo effect, and the list goes on. It is a true understanding that above all, your dynamic interplay, dance, with your environment dictates your ability to completely express Life (health).  Connect with our kids, that includes adults. Treat everyone as if they are family, because we are all similar, we are a tribe beyond health.  Crack your heart wide open, from a place and a time in your life when you were vulnerable and the only expression you had was love. From that place, is the place we need to reach out and connect deep within to he stories of our tribe.

Hippocrates was on to something “First, do no harm.”  Paradigms are shifting and as Einstein stated, we cannot hope to solve the problems of today by approaching them from the same level of consciousness that created them. You are becoming one with the “patient”.  There is no “doing” to the ‘patient’. That language signifies a one way relationship. This is a dual dynamic interplay of fields, a dance. We are connecting WITH our ‘patients’, not ‘doing’ to them.

Our new oath is:
First, love.
Docere (Doctor as Teacher)

“There is no limit to what a man can do so long as he does not care a straw who gets the credit for it.”